Wednesday, March 14, 2012

In case of baby

Today I wrote the schedule for the next 3 weeks. All schedules had backup schedules which assume that I've gone into the hospital.

Do you have any idea how freaky that is? Its one thing to think, "Ive got a few weeks left." Its another thing to start preparing to go to the hospital at any moment so that your employees dont freak the fuck out. 
Ive let everyone know to keep an open mind to both schedules because I could be calling them at 2am screaming "GO TO SCHEDULE B!" (That is the way I described it to them...because who knows if Im going to be calm enough to simply explain that Im about to shit a screaming watermellon and will not be able to open the next day. I like to make sure they are prepared.)

I have to go to the doctor once a week now. Yesterday they did a group b test. Next week I get yet another ultra sound....I think they are using me to meet some sort of quota at this point. 
I found out that I have developed sleep apnea. Maor was with me for this doctors appointment and asked if it was normal for me to be making "herrp" sounds in my sleep. I wish he would have mentioned it sooner. They cant do anything about it except hope it will go away on its own but it explains why I feel so damn tired all the time. 

Fun non baby related fact: 
Maor and I have been thinking about saving up to open a restaurant and call it "Holy Crape 


  1. Please, ma'am... spell it properly (Holy Crepe), and make sure to get a hashgacha.

  2. I've watched you for years and have commented frequently. WOW, holy crap. You're really gonna have a baby! It even seems at this point that you're excited about it - that's super cool. Pics please.....(please


  3. Hey Cow, "Crape" my be a play on "crap" rather than "crepe." Just sayin.....anyway, she's gonna have a BABY!!!