Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Went to my ultra sound. The baby is just fine... she just likes to sit so that shes unnoticed.
There were two students who sat in on the ultra sound. I kinda wish they could come to all my appointments because the tech explained a lot of stuff to them that I wouldnt even have thought to ask about, like how you can tell organs are working right and blood is pumping the right way. She was pointing out how everything looked good and WHY it looked good which made it impossible for my neurotic mind to wonder if they werent telling me something.

They took a lot of pictures for us but once again couldnt get any good ones because she squirms too much and sits with her arms and feet right in front of her head.

Tonight Maor and I are going to a massage. Maor has been having major muscle pain lately....and I just think I deserve it.

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  1. so wait, did i miss something somewhere along the way? your baby is a female? not that it matters - i see the references to "she" in your posts.....just a wonderin'........hope everything is progressing well