Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Last night our neighbors invited us over for their party.
I couldnt drink and only stayed for a little while but I told Mo that he could go ahead and get as shit faced if he wanted. Hes not a big drinker so I didnt actually expect to wake up to him puking his guts out at 2am.
Im not going to lie. I laughed. I know his pain and I felt bad but I laughed because he usually knows better. Hes the good one between the two of us.

Im usually wondering what the year is going to be like. It kinda spoils things to start the year out married AND pregnant. You dont wonder if your going to meet that special someone or if your going to need the morning after pill... its too late for that.
Instead Im wondering how quickly all the tax forms will come in so I can get that done with.
Im kidding... kinda. Life isnt that depressing.
This year Mo and I are going to look into buying a house.
Im going to try and find another job because retail makes me want to shoot myself but I really like money.
We are going to try and visit Israel again later in the year.
...if we cant do Israel Im dropping the kid off with Grandma and we around going to a beach somewhere.
Im also going to try and do my sketch a day thing again. Im already struggling to get going with it. I have a good few hours before I go to bed. I'll probably put it off for another couple of hours.

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