Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ahhh finally 2 days off in a week. Its almost like a vacation!!

I almost didnt get the days off. I have been told to fire someone. Normally I love firing people but I dont think this person deserves it... its really just an HR mandated thing instead of a common sense thing. I was asked if I could come in on my day off and fire her...then of course work her shifts...I told my boss no and told HR to suck it. Was she did to get herself on the chopping block was not a major offence and it took HR 2 months to finally say "yep, shes out" so Im not canceling my doctors appointment and coming in on my day off to work overtime. Not worth it. Especially after I figured out that once I hit overtime I dont make time and a half... I make less then min wage. I really need to look into the laws on that one.

My doctors appointment left me confused. I didnt get my normal sarcastic bitchy nurse (I like her because shes very to the point) I got a sickeningly sweet thing that didnt listen to a damn word I said. I tried telling her that I had called in last week (and was brushed off) because I was having weird pains after working a long shift and she brushed it off as gas pains. When I repeated this to the doctor he said, "Thats not good. Make sure the hospital actually pages me next time."
I told the sweet nurse about how I wanted a doctors note saying I shouldnt work over 40 hours a week anymore because I keep getting these pains when Im running around so much and she said, "Oh your fine!" When I asked the doc about it he whipped up a note better than what I had hoped for.

They made me take a glucose test, which all my friends have been screaming about how disgusting and horrible it is, and it wasnt that bad. Its like drinking really sugary kool aid. I didnt have a problem sucking it down but 10 minutes later my burps were a bit syrupy.

The doctor said that Im much too small. Hes making me go in for an ultra sound. I didnt gain any weight over the last month....which I find confusing considering the mass quantities of food I eat.

So Im a bit nervous.

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