Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Most expensive horror film ever

Work is giving me a head ache. Its been slow but we had inventory, I dont have an assistant, my part timers are all SUPER part time which is hard to schedule, and my boss doesnt listen worth a damn.
I did hand my boss a doctors note telling her I can only work 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week. She freaked out on me when I told her I also faxed a copy to HR. I dont understand why she got so uppidy, its not a busy season and other stores are lending me their part timers who arent getting the hours they want at their stores. No biggie... only being able to work 40 hours a week isnt hurting anything. Im just covering my ass with the doctors note.

I do have one situation with work that I dont quite know how to handle. An employee Im merely putting up with until I can build up enough reason to fire her wants to be my assistant. When she told me she was interested in the position I just about had a kitten. When I was first hired with the company this particular person suddenly went from being able to work anytime to being able to work twice to three times a week for 2 to 3 hour shifts. I couldnt put her on the schedule because thats impossible to work with. She was upset that I didnt schedule her so instead of saying something to me, she called HR and told them I was discriminating against her because of her age.
Apparently shes been laid off (she says anyway... Im sure she was fired for being a bitch that no one wants to work under) and is very interested in my open position. While I would normally just tell someone that they would be stupid to think I would want them as my assistant after pulling shit like that...she would probably make it an HR issue. So I lied and said that my boss has to make the approvals on internal promotions.
Im pretty sure Ive decided on who to hire anyway.

Maor and I have started birthing classes. I cant decide if I made the right decision to actually pay to watch horrifying birthing videos. In one video a woman gave birth doggy style. All the other moms either have stomachs of steel or are tuning it out because I seem to be the only woman who has a look of horror on her face when they show a close up of a wrinkly gray head coming out of a vagina. One dad looked like he was going to puke last week when the teacher passed around some pointy probe that gets screwed into the babies head during birth.
Maor is unfazed by the ickness, instead hes now overly concerned about every ache I have because hes worried about the baby coming to early.

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  1. Love the update and hope you're feeling well. Maor needs to chill. The baby will come when she is ready, and not before. IF the baby comes early then she was ready to come out. Tell him to put his faith in the professionals and in you.