Saturday, November 12, 2011

Stats, bending over, and... what was I saying?

One obsession I have is checking the stats on my blogs. I have 3, one of which I dont update anymore because it was purely for a trip to Israel. Im going to keep it open because I do plan on adding to it every time we go back to Israel because that itty bitty country is so odd Im sure I will have something to talk about.
In terms of traffic this blog always gets more hits... and probably always will considering where people are coming from. In terms of how people find this blog, its never exciting to look up the keywords that brought people here. On my other blogs people stumble in by looking up strange things like Japanese sing offs, bumble bee lovin, and spork aggression. Once I even had a guy send me an email informing me that he needed directions from one part of Europe to another ASAP. I dont know why google brought him to me but I guess my blog made it seem like I was an extension on TomTom for the UK.

I have a doctors appointment coming up soon. My first one. This is good because Im just noticing that bending over is becoming difficult. I have to do it very slowly to give my insides time to adjust or else its just fucking painful.

Im mentally still adjusting. Occasionally I'll see a picture of a cute kid on the internet and be all "Awww... I get to have something stupidly cute (I hope) soon." And other times Im sitting on the couch playing video games and I suddenly think, "I will never get this much time to myself ever again." and I die a little inside.

Other times I'll be thinking something to myself then get distracted and never get that original thought back. I could even be in the middle of a sentence and just lose my end point completely.

I did start up a ChipIn thing... over there to the right.
Its still to early to start up a registry because we dont know if its a boy or a girl. Im pretty sure we are going to get to find out soon after our first doctors appointment....maybe even at the first doctors appointment if they whip out an ultra sound machine.
I dont actually expect anyone who visits this blog to donate for a diapers and formula cause. I dont do shows or picture sets anymore so I dont really have anything to trade. I was thinking of maybe doing a non nude picture set for anyone who donates over $10 but Im at a loss for ideas of theme.


  1. Heh. If you still have your old Halloween costumes, Rogue and whatnot, there's probably a market for "pregnant superhero" images!

  2. I dont have the Rogue costume anymore. I rented the body suit for it.

  3. You will have time to yourself, but there is no question that there will be less of it. Depending on your parenting style you will only have a minor interruption to your gaming. This is way down the road for you I know, but last night I laid in my son's bed while he (12) and his 9 year old sister were on xbox playing modern warfare. You have a new opponent and teammate in your belly. Someone to mold and meld and hone into a little person. Yeah, a little bit of you may die when you take the point of view that you will never get ALL of your free time back, but at the same time you are also creating a legacy. In that legacy much more of you will be reborn. You will also experience tremendous boobular expansion during pregnancy culminating in the mildly painful growth of your units right after you give birth. All hail the titty fairy!!
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