Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Last weekend my mom, little sister, and little brother came up to visit us.
I finally told them that Mo and I have been married for a while. I did lie a little more and tell them we have only been married for 10 months...instead of a year and 10 months. 
I also let them know that Im pregnant.

My little brother is a 12 yr old pain in the ass. He didnt care.
My little sister thinks its cool. I cant wait to make her babysit. I changed her diapers all the time when she was a baby, its payback time now.

I cant really tell if anyone else in my family cares. My 82 year old grandma seemed a little "been there done that" which I kinda expected. 

Everyone else is kinda like me. They dont really get all emotional and gushy until the thing is out and they can spoil it.

So the weekend was fun. No one was that pissed off at me.

My birthday was uneventful. Mo and I both worked so we were super tired after we got home. 
We were going to go to a fancy restaurant tonight but Im really sick so I think thats out. I dont want to go to a place so expensive they dont list price tags when I cant taste a damn thing.
Mo got me a Swarovski necklace. Hes not very good at gift buying so I made it easy for him by dragging him into the store and saying, "Get me that one!"
My mom bought us a crock pot and photo albums for my birthday. Now I need to print off the 2 years of photos and put them in the books.
It was a nice birthday.

Im going to snuggle with a jug of OJ now and pass out....
Actually, maybe I want soup...
OJ, Soup, then nap...

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