Sunday, November 27, 2011

Idiots and Pants

My boss called into work and asked my assistant manager what we needed for the day. My assistant said she didnt know.
After that my boss called me up and said, "We are moving her to another store. I cant stand her anymore!"

So the idiot is gone.

Black friday was a huge let down in my store. It never got busy. People were going for the department stores or walking around without shopping bags. I dont know why everyone decided to window shop on black friday but thats what they were doing. I had to work from 4:30 am to 5:30pm and I honestly feel like it was a huge waste of my time and company overtime. Ive never been so disappointed as a manager at the start of holiday season. Im usually stressed out from too many people.

In baby news: my cloths just dont fit anymore. A couple weeks ago I gave in a went up a bra size because my boobs were uncomfortably spilling out of my bra. Today I went to put on my jeans and could not button them without being incredibly uncomfortable. So I cried a little to myself and told Mo we needed to go to the mall and get me new pants. Ive been dreading this day because buying pants is a huge pain in the ass to begin with. I am very skinny and tall so if pants fit me in the waist they are too short in the legs or if they fit me in the legs they are too big in the waist. This was exactly the same. I went through 5 maternity stores before I found a pair of pants that fit perfectly. They were god damn expensive but I cant take my regular jeans anymore. I will say, they are fucking comfy. Im not a huge fan of the stretchy waist that your supposed to pull up over your belly up to your tits so I just rolled it down to my waist. I also bought a couple of work shirts for later down the road when my regular sweaters just wont be able to stretch anymore.

Mo and I did register for baby items but Im not going to post the registry link here. Instead Im just going to add the unnecessary geeky things I want that I know no one in my family will buy us for the baby on my regular wishlist, like the portal companion cube I would love to put in her crib.

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  1. Did you stop the conversion process?