Thursday, May 22, 2014

If all goes well, that was my idea

About a month and a half ago I pointed out to my boss that once summer craziness kicks in us admin will not be able to keep up with stupid time consuming shit corporate thinks we should do now on top of our normal duties...especially because one of our 3 person team is...a total fucking idiot.
Apparently firing people is hard (I keep trying to convince them to let me have a talk with her because I would bet money she would voluntarily quit after I was done but apparently they are afraid that I would cross a line and get myself in trouble) so we cant get rid of the dead weight before summer hits hard. So I threw out the idea of getting a part timer. A kid who can do the filing, the tedious scripted calls, and do stupid tedious stuff managers dont want to do either. My boss said, "How am I supposed to find that?" I said, "Easy, get some kid who needs job experience and a little money. A teenager who just needs something to make them look a little better on paper."
A couple weeks later a scrawny teenager ran in asking for my boss and out again with a drug test sheet.

Today I pointed out again that its getting busier and if corporate thinks an office of our size can keep up with their bullshit they are mistaken. My boss said, "I hired a part timer!"
The woman who has been around forever nearly fell out of her chair. She thought he was joking. He said he wasnt. She walked up to me when he was out of the room and asked what I knew about it. I told her about the conversation we had a few weeks ago. We laughed about how it would be funny if the kid was better than the spaz.

I thought to myself, if this goes well I damn well better get credit for this idea.
On the flip side judging by the way the kid was dressed when he first came in, age, and overall attitude hes either related to my boss or is probably a kid he coached for baseball which makes me hope he isnt some little asshole.
Im also going to have to start watching my language. I swear like a fucking sailor.

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  1. If he is better than the Spaz that would be great. But what if he is WORSE than the Spaz? You will still get credit (blame) for that at least from the co-workers! I hope it works out *snicker*

    Patagonianshoerat (ritchie)