Friday, August 9, 2013


I have recently acquired Snapchat at the request of my little sister.

So far all we have been doing is sending pictures back and forth of stupid faces we can make.

But I was thinking... I can send dirty things this way (not to my sister...that would be gross).

So just as an experiment for now. If you have snapchat and want to get super secret surprise nudes and/or semi nudes I will add you to my special pervert friends list for a month for a $5 donation (I dont know how many nudes I will send... this is experiment stage.)

Or if you just want to be on my list and get my random pictures (and send me stuff too) my users name is Immora.

Also, Im not responsible for anyone opening nudes at work and getting in trouble...thats all on you.


  1. Looks like your Donate button here is broke.

    1. So it is. Well until its fixed they can just be sent to via PayPal

  2. Love it! On the cutting edge as usual....