Thursday, August 29, 2013

I am alive!

So I guess I should answer a few general emails.

Yes, Im alive.

No, Im not hiding.

Ive just been very busy.

I think I left off the week before last.....
I went with my aunt to that obscure family reunion in the middle of nowhere. Pretty drive there but I was trapped in the middle of no where, surrounded by people I dont know, at a not kid friendly party with a toddler. It was hell but they had cake.

Last weekend I took a 3 day weekend and brought Lea down to my parents house. We went to the Bristol Renaissance Fair on Saturday. Its my favorite Renn fair purely because their entertainment is always awesome! I wore my R2D2 tank top and got tons of compliments.
We watched the jousting and cheered for Sir Max. For funzies we bought a supporting flag and had it signed by Sir Max. Later in the day walking around a kid around 10 years old ran up to us and asked if we were Sir Max supporters. When we told him we were he beamed and told us all about how thats his dad. We had him sign the flag too. It was super cute.

This week has been... busy.
Sunday night after we got home I put Lea to bed and she had a coughing fit all night.
Monday she seemed like she only had a bad cold so I brought her to daycare. On the way to pick her up after work my tire went flat just before I reached the daycare. Maor picked Lea up from the daycare while I dealt with the flat tire. By dealt with I mean used the AAA card my grandmother got us for my birthday and had someone else fix it. It was upper 90's out so I wasnt about to bust my ass. It turns out my back shock came off the track and the pointy end rubbed a hole in the tire. So what I thought was just poor lubing from rotating my tires 3 weeks ago was actually a big problem.
While I finished up supervising the poor guy who had to change my tire in horrible heat Maor took Lea to AppleBees and ordered dinner for us. I got there right before the dishes came. I noticed he didnt bring in Leas sippy cup so I asked him to go get it. While he was gone a waitress put a plate in front of me that was pretty much just macaroni and cheese with bacon. I told her she had the wrong table. She looked around and said, "Nope, this is yours." I said, "Oh, geeze, Im sorry. My husband is Jewish. He cant have bacon. Im really sorry! Did it have bacon in the title? Hes usually good about this."
She said it was no big deal and ran back to see if it could be remade without bacon real quick before he noticed. It couldnt because the bacon was in the sauce so she grabbed the guy who was actually our waiter and explained what happened. The guy freaked out for us.... when Maor came and sat down without knowing he had ordered a bacon meal the waiter ran up to him and launched into an awkward speech. He said "Oh man, Im so sorry I didnt know. Are you from Israel? Oh my god, I just have to shake your hand. I have so much respect for Israel. Im totally on your side! I really hope one day I can make it to the holy land one day! Im really sorry! I'll get this fixed for you!!"
...I dont know about Maor but I wanted to hide under the table. The manager came by next and much more calmly and quietly recommended a chicken pasta dish...which we took...and ate quickly so we could leave.

Tuesday morning Lea woke up with crusties in her eyes. This is going to sound gross but if I sleep funny with a cold I also get that but it goes away through the day so I didnt think anything of it. Tuesday night we picked her up and her eyes were still red and had been mucus-y all day so I called the nurse line for her doctor and they said to bring her in. She had an ear infection. We got her medicine and shes already back to normal.

Work has also been frustrating. One admin is moving to another state and her last day was supposed to be yesterday. We hired a replacement for her but after a week and a half she emailed our branch manager and said that our office wasnt a friendly environment. When he announced it we said, "Fuck that crazy bitch! We are awesome!" and spent the day trying to figure out who scared her off. Personally I dont think anyone did. I think she couldnt hack it. Why the hell else does someone quit by email instead of coming in and just saying "This isnt working." Our jobs look easy because they are...once you get in to knowing what you are doing which takes about 2 months. The first 2 month are kinda hell and you spend most of the time lost and making shit up. I really do love my job but I gotta say its 10% what I do and 90% who I work with... bunch of crazy bastards that cuss like sailors... I love em.

So the next month is going to suck a little with it only being 2 admin...or 2 admin and one person in training. Just having one more person to answer the phones is a big help. The girl who is leaving felt bad about the new person quitting suddenly so she is doing half days till she leaves which is really sweet of her considering shes trying to get her house packed up so she can move to the west coast.

So yeah... Ive been busy...

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  1. purrrrfect....glad to hear everyone is well