Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Finding myself

I have been gone a long time without saying anything. I have stretched myself out. 
Im getting use to a new job where my schedule bounces around a bit. I also decided to make 2 more Halloween costumes for my little sister. 

So for the past month if I havent been working or with my daughter, I have been sewing.

I also havent wanted to blog because I dont like to think. I dont want to put out into the world my hopes, my fears, my wishes. I have someone else to think about. I need to find stability for her. 

I need to find my own happiness. I think I have it now. If I dont then its so close.

I wont lie. Im sad. Sadder than I have ever been. 

Im trying not to be. 

Things are changing. Good and bad changes. Im just focusing all my energy on what matters most. 


  1. I hate to hear it but understand. Change can be painful. I know you will grow from it and emerge a stronger woman. Speaking for myself I will be here for as long as it takes. Hell, I've been watching you grow and change for over ten years now. Things are never as good or as bad as you think. I hope you can find some peace when you need it, solitude when you want it and and security at all times.


  2. youre feeling, this is great...you have tons of courage and resolve, this is also the right way to be...unfortunately misery and suffering is still part of human experience...different circumstances and issues, ive had my share of it as well but i managed to get through it and realize that there was an upside to to all the losses and sad experiences once the flooding subsided (not to mention, it's kind of always a work in progress, getting better and better )...i know its easier said than done, but you gotta believe that you will find a good end however long it takes... things could likely get worse before they get better but dont lose patience...dont forget youre a lovely super soul...and dont hesitate to reach out for help from those you care about you...if your really feeling down and cant cope, find a good GP who can refer you to the proper care....hey, and many thanks to you for your help to me (in a way you might not know) a few years back. youre beautiful and i'm forever your doting fan.

  3. sometime life sucks a bit. listen to some bob seger and "turn the page.
    xoxo stump