Saturday, August 16, 2014

New job!

If you read my blog at all you know Ive been bitching, and bitching, and BITCHING about my job lately.
Its not a hard job. I loved my job. I couldnt believe people paid me to do what I thought was stupidly easy. Answer the phone, process the contracts, fix shit, sing my ABC's on occasion, harass people to pay their damn bill. Not hard. Sure you have to do it all at once but still...not hard.
It was perfect until they hired the idiot. Then I had the work of 3 people because one person refused to do more than the 4 things in her job description from 14 years ago and this new person is just...stupid. I said she was stupid to management on many occasions... once in a screaming profanity filled rant that not only lasted an hour but left them in complete shock because I NEVER lose my cool.
The job still wasnt hard. It just wasnt fair that I got to pick up the slack for 2 other people. Not only that but its really frustrating having to retrain someone EVERY DAY because goldfish have a better memory. 

So when someone asked me if I was looking for a job I said "YES!"

I dont think I actually expected to get the job but I did. 

I told my boss and he asked me to finish out the month but not tell anyone. I think he was in denial.
Yesterday I walked in to his office and said, "You know I only have 2 weeks left. When are you going to tell everyone? I have to at least make an attempt to train SOMEONE on how to handle certain accounts and do my reports."
He said not to worry about it, he would tell everyone Monday, and he had a plan.

I really want to know what his plan is because the senior isnt going to take on my job and the idiot will fuck up all my big accounts. Not to mention that the techs refuse to talk to anyone but me (seriously half my day has turned in to jumping from tech on hold to tech on hold because they say "Your the only one who knows what the fuck is going on")
I feel bad leaving them (the techs) like this but they (management) shot themselves in the foot long ago. What else do you expect when you have people who think covering their own ass from an almost unlikely lawsuit is more important than having quality employees?

Anyway, Im really excited about this new job. Im most excited about the fact that I will get to spend a lot more time with Lea now because my schedule is pretty damn sweet. 
And its not corporate! Im going to dye my hair a funny color just like I always wanted to do and never could!! 
Seriously, you dont know the feeling of freedom just being able to do that. My little sister (who is a senior in highschool next year) keeps saying she wants to dye her hair purple but cant get the courage. I keep telling her to do it because if she doesnt now she wont ever be able to again (Im pretty sure my eye twitches when I tell her).

I start full time in two weeks. I've been training after work when I can for a few weeks already which is nice because its extra income now which is going to help a lot with some unexpected bills we had. Its also going to help because I used all my vacation at my now old job at the beginning of the year and they are going to end up taking a portion of that back out of my last paycheck so this will make up for that loss. 

I feel like I got very very lucky. (Thanks! :) )


  1. Yes, I have been reading religiously. I hope things are finally going to turn good for you! A new job is exciting. Offloading Maor is probably good for you too. I am looking forward to more!


  2. You are INDEED very lucky, but more importantly very talented. I think the people that will gain the most will be us (your loyal Posse). This will give a chance to see a lot more of you...if thats ok?

    Lea will love having you around, and we can keep you in tiny things all damn day and night...FINALLY !!!!!


  3. where is the IMMORA!?!?!?!?!