Wednesday, November 6, 2013

To Israel!

We have been planning on going to Israel for almost two years. Family wants to see Lea.
There hasnt been a day that has gone by in the last year and a half where I havent heard the questions,
"When are you coming to Israel?"
"Dont you want to come to Israel?"
"Why arent you here yet!!??"

My mother in law can stop nagging!! We bought tickets!
We will be flying out Dec 30th and coming back Jan 13th. Which will use ALL of my vacation time for next year in one shot and means I will get to be a bitchy jet lagged bitch at work the day after we get home. My poor co-workers.
We will of course be staying with my in-laws in a small city just outside of Haifa.

The trip is going to be stressful but Im still excited because I LOVE Israel. I love the food, I love my husbands family, I love that while we will be there during the winter a 4 hour drive (with a stop at a petting zoo in the middle of the desert close to the fountain of youth) will get us to a tropical beach paradise where I can go snorkeling and have fancy drinks with tiny umbrellas in them.

This time I really would like to take a side trip to Petra. Its not in the budget but I know we are going to get kicked out at some point so Grandma and Grandpa can have Lea time and Im hoping we can do some border hopping when that happens.

So over the next month, month and a half I might be pushing some videos or pictures.

Also, bonus... the more money I save up for side stuff the more likely we will have special Israel shows! (Cause its easier to do a show in a hotel room than in my husbands childhood bedroom. Its a small apartment and family doesnt knock there.)

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