Thursday, September 19, 2013

No time alone

I had a sexy weekend planned for Maor and I last weekend. We took a 3 day weekend (it was actually Yom Kippur so he automatically had the time off) and were going to drop Lea off at my parents house and spend the weekend alone in a resort. 
Plans fell through when my parents called up and said they were going to Chicago instead of baby sitting for us.
Im glad the penalty for canceling our reservations was only $25. 

Instead of getting romantic we used our Friday off to buy a new car for me. My last car was undriveable. The shocks came off it and we figured out we have been spending so much on car repairs we might as well turn that into payments instead. So we bought a new used reliable car and got the extended warranty. Its a fabulous feeling being able to drive a car without be terrified that its going to burst in to flames at any moment.

This week has been busy. We have a new person at work and the other admins mother died. Surprisingly the other admin worked Monday and Tuesday (even though I told her multiple times that it would be ok for her to go home and grieve) but she was a bit of a wreck. She was messing up on simple things and creating more work for herself by insisting on being the one to fix them.
The new person is picking up quickly. I can at least use her to do the mundane things around the office so I can focus on the phone calls.
It hasnt been bad...but its lonely. The new person is very quiet which is the exact opposite of what Im use to.  We are hoping she opens up after a bit, I swear like a sailor and I cant tell if shes ok with that or if it makes her uncomfortable.

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  1. Congrats on the new ride! Always a great feeling as you noted.