Wednesday, September 25, 2013

About that...

Remember how I said the new woman at work was picking up on things quickly?
I spoke WAY too soon.
After my grieving coworker came back we found a mess of mistakes and have noticed that her jitters of answering phones and helping anyone may not be new job jitters... she just seems to be unable to do anything without your specifically telling her what to do. It doesnt matter if shes done it 10 times before. She will freeze up until you tell her to do it.
She also takes everything you say literally. The grieving coworker went to help a guy who came by with a shipment and just talking to myself out loud I said "I hope shes not lifting anything heavy" because I know she has bad wrists. New woman immediately went to the garage and said "She says you shouldnt be lifting things"
I turned around and yelled down the hallway "Oh, you really didnt need to go tell her that! Shes a big girl!"
She looked a little thrown off by that.

I just dont even know what to do with her. I hope its some weird adjustment faze but we are worried. I hate that I didnt catch her mistakes but honestly Ive been doing the work of 3 people while training... there was only so much I could do.

So besides work Ive been planning our Halloween costumes. By our I mean mine and Leas. Maor is a party pooper.
Im going to be Lulu from Final Fantasy X and Lea is going to be my moogle. We have Leas costume finished. Mine I havent started yet. I am going to attempt to make a full dress so I NEED a sewing machine. My grandma had given me a 1960's singer but I just cant make it work without jamming so I ordered a simple new Brother online and am selling the vintage machine on craigslist. Gramzy said I should throw it out but my aunt is convinced I can get a good $200 out of it if I find the right person. We shall see. If I can sell it for the price of the new machine I will be happy but Im not expecting much.

Here is Leas costume... these pictures are the unfinished version. We just wanted to see how it would hold up with her running around. I am going to hold off on posting finished pictures until both our costumes are done.


  1. Thrify, crafty and cute.....3 important qualities in a girl! You seem to have them all. Lea's a cutie.

  2. Would you like to run to Walmart and buy a sewing machine...Then you can sew in tiny things on