Saturday, June 9, 2012

To Ikea!

My grandma is dying.
Very slowly.
Shes been talking about dying sense I was 12. If I said, "I want you to come to my wedding!" she would say "I wont live that long." If I said, "See you next Tuesday." She would say, "I'll be dead by then!"

Shes 83 now and after fifteen years of talking about dying Im really surprised that shes actually making her will. Shes letting people know what she wants done with her ashes. Actually, by people I mean me, she specifically told me to take care of it because my aunt who usually takes care of her doesnt listen. Shes also handing out her money because she doesnt want the bank to take it when she dies. Shes very quietly handing it out to family that she thinks deserves it...and I got picked.

This actually makes me feel like shit. My Grandma never made a lot of money. She is on a fixed income and it pretty much just covers bills. She even uses government programs for food because she doesnt make get enough to buy groceries sometimes.

Last month we were talking about how Mos mother is going to come to the US. My Grandma asked where she was going to sleep. We dont have a lot of room here with the baby so we have had to send visitors to hotels. Mo wont make his mom go to a hotel so we thought we would just give her our bed and sleep on an air mattress for a couple of weeks.

Gramzy didnt like that. She insisted that we should get a couch with a pull out bed for when out of country family comes. We told her we would be fine and we just bought the couch we have now so we didnt want to spend money on a new one.

So she sent me a check for one thousand dollars to buy a new couch....and a dehumidifier for the basement...not sure why that got stuck in her head.

Mo said I should just tell her we are going to use it towards something else or put it in a savings account for Lea. I already tried to do that. She is SET on us getting a pull out couch. I cant even bring myself to just lie about it and stick it in savings. Its like her dying wish is for us to have a pull out couch!

So at some point this weekend Im going to hit up Ikea and see if they have anything comfy. If I get the couch cheap enough I can stick the rest in savings. Gramzy cant argue with that.

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  1. Hows it going? i have not heard from you in a everything ok?