Saturday, September 3, 2011

No, Im not excited

When I open my store I like to grab a cup of coffee before I go in. I havent worked there for that long but the coffee shop people were really quick to pick up on my normal order of a large espresso. 
Now my order has changed to a small espresso and after a few days they started to look at me funny. One lady finally asked me why I switched and I told her the reason for my cutting the caffeine. She instantly burst into excited squeals, congratulated me, and asked me if I was excited.  
Her happy face turned to something that very subtly said, "Your a horrible person but Im trying not to be too judgy... your going to hell."

Im seriously getting sick of that question and the reactions I get. 
No, Im not excited. I dont understand why people enjoy being tired all the time, having to pee every 10 seconds, morning sickness, this new smelling super power (ok, at times its awesome because I can smell brownies from 10 miles away but I can also smell unpleasant things and people),  crazy ass mood swings, and the thought that after carrying around a bowling ball, getting poked at and lectured by doctors, you get to push it out in front of people. Woohoo!! I cant believe I didnt do this to myself earlier! This is awesome! 

Excited for the end result maybe? That adorable screaming, pooping, hungry succubus that will probably need glasses and braces and at some point crash my car and invite all its little succubus friends to my refrigerator...... yeah, totally looking forward to it. Im sure I will love it but I will forever be reminding myself that it would have been cheaper to get a puppy.

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