Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Last day of freedom!

I havent had my own car in a little over a year. Its really not THAT bad. Except that anytime I want to go somewhere I need to wait until Mo is home if its not biking distance.

While Mo's dad has been gone he gave me permission to use his truck. For the most part I just used it to go to and from work but seeing as hes coming home tonight I took full advantage of the mobility and spent all day finding reasons to drive around. I went and bought Halloween decorations, I hit up IKEA for a new microwave stand, went to Game Stop and got Dead Island, and sat in a Starbucks for an hour just to have a pumpkin latte and read. It was a very nice day.

I figured I should have a nice last day of freedom, not only with full mobility but running around naked as well. I did everything with the doors open today. I showered with the door open, cleaned the house in nothing but my underwear, and went to the bathroom whenever I wanted...with the door open.

Im really not looking forward to Mos dad coming home. Nice guy but I really love having my space.

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  1. aaaaaaaaarrrrghhhhh! (think of the sound Charlie Brown makes when Lucy pulls the ball away jsut as he is about to kick it) Not that I could ever benefit in any way by your unfettered nudity, but I certainly sympathize with you. I wonder how long the living arrangements are going to last. I guess indirectly I am being harmed by less gratuitous nudity on cam. I'm with and mo need to be alone!