Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happy Yom Kippur... Im starving

For anyone who doesnt know what Yom Kippur is... I'll give you a second to skim through this link:

Ok, now that your done reading that. Forget what it said about people spending time in intense prayer. Mostly we just sit around playing board games, sleeping, and trying to remember not to turn on the lights when we walk into a room.

Mo and I did a slightly complicated puzzle, Mo cheated at monopoly (I had all of the boardwalk end WITH hotels, there is no way I could have lost unless he was cheating), and then I cheated and ate a cookie (because I was starving and the baby needed it!)

Hope everyone else Yom Kippur went well.
If it didnt...well your screwed now.


  1. No shul?

    and Chatimah Tov, (or, if you are becoming Sfard, Tizku l'shanim

  2. To paraphrase Paul Krugman: "Happy Yom Kippur. Atone responsibly."